Legal Info

Your Rights as the Buyer or Seller of fixed residential or Commercial Property in South Africa in Lay mans terms:

1. The Buyer is responsible to ensure he/she has enough info about the property before the property OTP is signed, see our Legal info page.

2. The Seller only has to declare defects that he is aware of, So Buyers do your due diligence and have an Inspection done, However Seller's manage your risk.

3. The Property Practitioner (Agent) is only required to disclose defects he/she is aware of to all parties, Agents can only advise parties to do due diligence.

4. Buyers please if possible, sign the OTP "Subject to Acceptable Property/Home Inspection by 3rd party" - The onus is on you to "Kick the tyres" "Inspect, Assess, Manage Risk"

5. Find an Inspector Certified who can advise accordingly with a written report (this can be attached to the Offer to Purchase (OTP) as part of the purchase contract

6. Ask your property inspector for proof of Accreditations if need be.

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Inspection Contingency

Why are we a required? well plainly said -PPA Inspections SA are here so Buyers can use our reports to ensure no-undisclosed Visually indentifiable Latent defects are missed.Sellers can use this report prior to listing to be aware of defects and fix them, even get a higher R.O.I as these defects can now be addressed before a buyer signs the OTP.We do ongoing training in every aspect of the Property in all of the new materials and fixtures installed,The roof Structure, The Foundations, The walls, Glazing, Flashing, Flooring, Decks, HVAC Systems, Storm water drainage, Electrical Components, Plumbing, and adhere to strict Code of ethics with written Standards of Practice to provide an un-Biased report reflecting the condition of the property at a specific point in time. "A snap shot"

We do not provide COC certificates - Electrical/Gas/Plumbing/any other requirement due to local by-laws. Sellers should have these in place at time of OTP signature

How are services supplied? - Residential Inspectors or Commercial Property Inspectors come to the property on request of either buyer or seller to

Inspect - All components within the property to report conditions of defect / hazard / or operation of the component

Assess - Inspector assesses the component taking into consideration the SANS10400, Component service life

Manage - Inspected component is then noted and recomendations made to Repair/Replace/Correct the identified component

Disclosure of report: Written reports are ONLY provided to the party who contracts us, it is the contracting party/ies choice to distribute such report.

Who Are We?

PPA Inspections SA (Pty) Ltd is a registered company with CPIC, Level 4 BEE rating

Our inspector/s have international accreditation with InterNachi and the South African Home Inspection Training Academy (SAHITA)

Our years experience in the construction industry gives us the expertise to provide a fair, honest, un-biased report on the condition of the property.

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PPA Inspections SA (Pty) Ltd

Inspect, Assess, Helping you manage risk

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